Tips on massage your legs & feet 


Massaging the legs are the most important. Either you are an athlete or a home maker you must know to massage your legs so that it can tolerate the over strength it bears daily. By massaging your legs you can get relief from pains and muscle get relaxed. It also improves your lymph system. After standing for a long period of time if your leg starts aching you must go for a foot massage which will give you much comfort. Your stiffness in thigh muscles can also be cured through proper therapy. It is equivalent to daily exercises you carry out for your leg fitness. Your therapy should be one at a time. First complete massage on one leg and then go for the other. The ways to have a proper foot massage includes:

1.First choose a comfortable place to start with your massage. Rest your feet in a plane surface in such a way that your knee is placed upwards. Your massage must be started from ankle and continue up towards the thigh. Stroke slowly and smoothly. All over the leg. Press down your feet slowly along the calf and circulate your fingertips all through your knees and thigh muscles. You must repeat this for at least five to six times. ( )

2. Move both your hands up and down through the front and backside of the thighs so that the stiffness gets relaxed. Rejuvenate the skin and squeeze them in a very rhythmic manner so that the shape of your thigh also gets improved. You can enhance the texture too.

3. Continue massaging of the thigh till your hands gives you a soothing feeling. Use both your hands to give equal emphasis.

4. After that move to the knees. Massage it and circulate your hand movements. Give slight pressure on the kneecaps and make it possible for your blood vessels to get active, thus resulting in the relief of knee pains and knee locking. ( )

5. When you start massaging your calf massage you require squeezing the skin there. Release your muscle away from the bones and again put it back. In this way your blood circulation gets a proper form and the texture of the muscles get stimulated.


Feet massage can make your feet look glowy and your skin gets soften with an attractive shape and texture. The feet are the base of your body. Feet massage helps you recover from many acute feet problems and aches. It is the easier way to have a foot massage. It does not require any extra time to give emphasis on the therapy.

1. Before starting your foot massage, place one of your hands at the backside and the other at the front face of the foot. Now slowly stroke each part of your foot beginning with toe till the ankles and then reverse your movement. ( )

2. You need to place your foot upon one hand so that each toe can be stroke properly and separately. Give a gentle and soft pull to stretch the toes and the squeeze it smoothly to get a relaxed feeling. Give firm pressure at the back side of the feet with your thumb to strengthen the muscle there. Give circular motion at the central part of the feet to have a comfortable sensation. The more you stroke your hand the more you get the massaging effect mostly at the ball of the feet.

3. Keep support of the hand at the back of the feet. Now make your feet flexible. Move your fingers in small circular motion. Bend and stretch your finger tips and relax your skin and muscle of the toe. Give your feet a springy and light effect.

4. While you end up slowly move up the legs from the point you started. This will spread up the emphasis of the massage therapy equally all over the feet.


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