Tips on massage your shoulders & arms

We all know that in this busy and fast running world that finding time to take care of yourself is difficult. There are always pieces of time available as long as you are willing to use them. For example, while you are making a call, watching television, going through magazines or newspapers you can get your foot or hand massaged. All you need is to just sit in a comfortable place with massage oil or cream that you require for your massage.
Now given below are few tips on how to manage your own massage for the different body parts:


Due to excessive load of daily work most of the persons now-a-days are suffering from shoulder pain or frozen shoulders, headaches, neck pain etc. For them massage is the best technique to get relief.

1. At first you need to stroke one side of your shoulder with your opposite hand. Start to stroke down from the edge of your head to the necks and down the arms. Then slowly move upwards back to the edge of the skull. This should be done at least three to four times. After that you can move to the other side.( )

2. Your fingertips are required to move in circular motion along the side of the spinal cord including the neck. Provide slight pressures during massage. This will relax your skin around your arms and give you comfort.

3. By keeping your wrist flexible you should continue the massage. This will result in getting rid of back pains too and improves the blood circulation. Your tiredness also get reduced at a great instance.( )

4. While ending up your massage session you should circulate your hand on both side of your face and your chin. Move down the front neck till your hands move smoothly along your skin. Proper massage can reduce your tension and stress. Repeat this as many times as you like.


Like any other body parts it is also important to take care of your arms. It is necessary to release all the tensions away from the shoulders. Thus you need to know the tips for having the massage therapy in the arms too.

1. The massage therapy includes stroke over the arms from wrist upto the shoulder. Glide your stroke back again. Repeat this process.

2. The arm must be kneaded by releasing the skin. Your fleshy upper arms must be paid attention of. Thus your therapy must be done properly to get complete relaxation and make yourself stress free.

3. The arms must be given pressure in circular motion with the help of the thumb. Your elbows are needed to be massaged in circles with the finger tips.  The more you provide proper techniques the more efficient will be your therapy.

4. To stimulate the blood circulation your upper arms needs to be pat properly for better stimulation. After that the whole arm should again be stroke back. Thus you will get attractive looking arms that will flourish your beauty. 



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