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A foot massage is very good for our health. Some people argue that It is even better than the sex if it is done in a right way. And they are absolutely right. The study for foot massage is known as “Reflexology”. To give a foot massage, you are not required to be a professional massage therapist. But you do need to learn the proper techniques for the effectiveness and to produce the best experience.. If done properly, It will relax and comfort almost every part of the body.It can take way your stress and refresh your mind.

Foot massage sooths you. The first step of the best foot massage experience is to make the feet clean either by washing the feet or by soaking the feet for few minutes in a solution of Epsom salt and Luke warm water. This process is very soothing and readies you for the massage. At Anna's Health & Healing Center (, we also provide herbal medicine to detox your body, starting from your foot at request.

Before starting the massage, the foot should be dried properly. Our masseuse has prepared organic massage oil & cream with different flavors to be used on your hands. The oil and creame will soften your skin. The aura from the organic oil will calm anybody down. They are used not to make the skin shiny, but to reduce friction with the skin.

The most popular scents are mint and eucalyptus which is mixed with the oil and cream and applied on the foot. It provides instant refreshing feeling.(Anna's Health & Healing Center) It relaxes all the muscle and relieves pain. Your masseuse will guide you to find the best position to enjoy your massage. Some people prefer to be cross-legged, some prefer to lay on the stomach on our massage platform. If you are providing the massage to someone else, you should pay special attention and make sure that the recipeint's leg is in a right position so that they are able to relax and can move the muscles without any problem. If you are giving a foot massage at home, recliner chairs are a good choice.

The massage starts with appling the oil into the top and bottom of the foot gently and in a circular motion. This helps in rejuvenating the skin. Next, by placing your thumb on the top of the foot, make long strokes from the ankle to the toes. Massage with applying a gentle pressure between the tendons and ligaments. When massage on the foot completes, then move to the bottom of the foot. Start massaging in a circular motions with the help of your thumb, starting from the arch to the toes and again come back to the heel and then massage the toes in the same manner and stretch them out as you stroke. Finally massage the whole foot in both the directions from toes to ankle and vice-versa.

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