Massage on face & neck 

You can escape from anxiety and stress by having a proper enriched face massage. It enhances your skin, appearance and complexion. Your face also looks refreshed and glowy. For the therapy you need to have the use of face massage oil that will soften your skin. If your skin is the oily type then you need to wash your face before applying massage. You can also experimentally different massages. It helps in stimulating the facial tone. Repeat your process as much as you like it. Just make your moves in circular motion. Don’t stretch the skin as it can have adverse effect. By having a proper massage you can also get rid of acute head ache. So it is much important to have a facial massage at least once a week.

1. Move your finger tips in clockwise direction around the cheeks and the chins. Move along the jaw lines by politely pressing it. Glide around the fore head along the back side of the ear. Press at the skull to have relaxation through the activities of your finger tips. The more you make circular motions including slight pressures, the more your face gets enriched blood circulation. This helps in looking stress free, glowy and younger. More over you get recovery from any muscle problem or other facial problems.

2. Facial massage removes your wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles under the eyes. It also gives a solution to wash away your black heads as well as white heads.

3. Doctors also recommend it to be safe and most important to rejuvenate yourself. Now-a-days you will get a lot of facial creams. But you should use them after having proper skin test. If you have true guidance about how to have massage by yourself you can get the best out of it. So go for it as soon as possible. ( )

4. While finishing the therapy close your face with a wet cloth for a while and then wash off the oil or cream you used during the massage. At the end use a face lotion so that it soothes your skin.

Having a massage is highly beneficial for any body parts. It makes you stress free, improves your stamina, enhance your skin and gives you complete relaxation from daily work load. It will also reduce your major problems and decrease your expense in treatments and medicines. By applying massage therapy by yourself you can save time as well as can have the experience whenever you want needless of depending upon the time schedule or appointment from any other massage therapist. Moreover it can enhance and improve your sex life by attracting or seducing your partner with your impressive beauty and glow. ( )


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