Massage on hands and abdomen


Hands are the strongest part of our body as it takes up all the critical works of the day. Through the help of hands we do all sorts of work. Thus more than our mind, our hands are the most active part that takes up all the tensions, stress and load. So it is our main duty to keep our hand relaxed and fit so that it does not face too much trouble to take the huge work load per day.

1. At first your back of the hand must be stroked by pushing it gently around your wrist and again reversing its way back. This results in squeezing of the hand all over by pressing the portions of palm and fingers.

2. Provide pressure in circular motion around the joints with the help of your thumb. Then politely stretch your fingers and slide them off the tips. This will strengthen your fingers.

Now in the next step the tendons at the back of your hand must be stroke firmly by the

3. Move your thumb in such a way that the pressure in your hands gets relieved and your muscles get softens. This brings back the energy to do more and more work.

4. For completing the massage therapy your palm must be stroke from wrist upto the fingers. Glide your hand softly all over and press it gently. Apply hand lotions at the end of your therapy for long lasting effect. Repeat this therapy whenever required so that your hand remains unaffected and your soft touch can sooth anyone. ( )


When we suffer from stomach pain it is quiet often we rub our tummy to get relief. This is nothing but the preliminary stage of a massage therapy. The main thing is that it gives you ultimate comfort. It is also appropriate during menstrual in women. You need to bend your knees up and lie down to have the massage. ( )

1. To have massage in your abdomen you need to stroke in clockwise direction. In this way move your hands all over the surface in a circular motion.

2. Your fingers and thumbs must be active and must roll all over the surface of the abdomen by kneading it gently. Turning back you need to massage the abdomen again.

3. For proper massage effects your hips must be vigorously massaged and you need to pummel it. This will give you an energized and relaxed feeling with enhancement in your texture and shapes. Your muscle also gets flexible. Thus you should try it to give yourself the soothing effect.


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